2020 Honda Fit


The question about the Honda Fit is this: Where does the Fit fit in the vehicle world? Clearly, Honda’s least expensive car is classified as a subcompact sedan. But looking at it and examining the interior roominess, one would believe it is larger than it appears. In a word, with its height being taller than other small sedans, and the unusual positioning of gas tank results in a roomy interior, particularly in the rear seats. Pricing starts at a reasonable $17,000 with the base 6-speed manual transmission hooked up 1.5 liter four cylinders. The powerplant produces 128 horsepower. Most, however, will pick the optional gearless continuous variable transmission to propel the power to the front wheels. With the latter combo, the average fuel mileage is a very reasonable 33 mpg. Likewise acceleration from 0-60 is a reasonable 8.2 seconds.

As mentioned earlier, the Fit is taller than most subcompacts, but not quite like the overall SUV height. And unlike other subcompacts, the Fit four doors have a hatchback with a large spoiler above it. The classic Honda long, narrow, grille is up front, and has lengthy and thin headlights. Interestingly, from the hood on back to the spoiler above the liftgate is a smooth continuous line. With our Sport edition, blacked out all 16-inch alloy wheels adds to the sport spin.

Needless to say, headroom front and back is great because of the overall height of the roofline. Handles are in the ceiling above each door. Metal like inserts are found at various locations around the interior, and our Sport model colorful stitching appears in the seats. A seven-inch multi-colored touch screen is in the center of the dash, and a reverse gear camera shows what is behind the car when backing up with some helpful warning lines. Smart phones can be tied into the video screen. A simple air conditioning system takes care of cooling needs. Other conveniences such as power windows, power door locks, automatic headlights, and cruise control are all standard equipment. Six airbags and curtains protect in case of an accident. Optional are numerous warning and avoidance systems. The dashpod has a small video screen on the left hand side which shows data like outside temperature, time, distances, mpg, etc. Left of the dashpod and on the upper portion is a useful pop out cupholder.

As indicated the back seats area is amazingly roomy for such a physically small sedan, and the rear floor is essentially flat. Additional storage in the form of a pocket behind the front passenger seat is available. With the placement of the fuel tank under the driver’s seat, there is plenty of room for the rear passengers with the floor being essentially flat. Under the hatchback is a medium sized storage area, which is also nicely lined. Under the floor is a storage puka. And, of course, the rear seat backs are split 60/40 and are easily dropped for carrying any additional large items.

On the road, the small engine with the CVT transmission moves the lightweight Fit reasonably well. The engine can be heard when accelerating. However, the CVT works well and is generally, of course, completely shiftless. But by moving the gear lever to the low gear slot and using paddles behind the steering wheel the driver can create “shifts”. Steering is light and direct. The ride, even with the short wheelbase, is reasonably absorbing, and the corners are easily taken.

The Fit, although short in length, can handle a family with relative ease. Added to the equitation are good fuel mileage and the ability to park easily.

Tech Specs

Model: 5 passenger, subcompact sedan
Price: $16,190, as tested Sport model $19,330.
Powertrain: 1.5 liter, 4 cylinder, 128 horsepower; 6-speed stick or optional continuously variable transmission (CVT). Front wheel drive.
Fuel economy: (CVT) 33 m.p.g. average, 31 m.p.g. city, 36 m.p.g. highway.
Performance: 0-60: (CVT) 8.2 seconds.
High Beams:Quite roomy for such a small vehicle. Easy to drive and park in the city. Good average fuel mileage rating.
Low Beam: Somewhat noisy powerplant.